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Therapist Preferred is FOR active people, BY active people. Our premium, organically grown CBD products are at the forefront of wellness, utilizing the most advanced nanotechnology and always THC free!

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Shared Experience. Shared Passion. This is Our Story:

The most unexpected situations can bring people together for the greater good, and such is the story of physical therapist Doug Geller and sports-marketing executive Brett Ehrlich. Doug treated Brett post-operatively after he had orthopedic surgery in the fall of 2018, and recommended CBD cream as part of that treatment. Though he was aware of the benefits of CBD, Brett had never actually regularly used products containing the ingredient. However, to his amazement, the outcome of his physical therapy coupled with the regular use of the CBD cream was phenomenal. After regularly using the recommended CBD cream on his post-surgery elbow and shoulder, Brett was pleasantly surprised at the pace of his recovery and his quickly diminishing soreness.

Fast forward to 2019, this shared experience and fascination over CBD in the physical recovery process brought about the idea of Therapist Preferred™. Doug and Brett both saw the potential to help others through the use of organically grown, THC-free CBD and quickly began formulating their own premium grade, highly bioavailable product line. Through testing several CBD products themselves, and countless hours of research on what constitutes the “optimal dosage” of CBD, they landed on their unique and highly effective Therapist Preferred™ formula. Learn more about the Therapist Preferred™ story and products.

Check out our line of Premium THC-Free CBD products available for shipping anywhere in the US!

CBD Sports Cream

With 400mg of premium THC Free hemp plus menthol, camphor and other essential oils, this sports cream won’t leave a greasy residue.

CBD Cream (travel Size)

With 250mg of premium CBD in each one-ounce pump bottle with a snap on lid, you can easily bring this with you anywhere.

CBD Softgels with Melatonin

Produced using the same method as our traditional soft gels, with Melatonin added to promote restful sleep.

CBD Tinctures

Our mint flavored CBD Oil Tincture provides quick and easy results.  Each drop contains our THC-free phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

CBD Gummies

Therapist Preferred CBD Gummies combine a delicious apple flavor with 10mg of premium CBD in each one.

CBD Softgels for Wellness

Our soft gels use the leading nanoemulsion production process which produce the most absorbable particle size available.

9 Reasons to Choose Therapist Preferred

  • Pharmaceutical Grade

    Our premium grade products include the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant minus the THC and are produced following the strictest guidelines and quality control measures.

  • Free Shipping

    Plus free shipping via USPS for all orders over $75.

  • No Risk

    We firmly stand behind our products & offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all orders.

  • Zero THC

    The psychoactive compound THC is removed completely in our production process.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    Our company was founded by a Physical Therapist and his patient who run the entire business. Both individuals have achieved excellent personal results with this product after spending a great deal of time researching the key elements that create the most potent and effective CBD products.

  • High Absorption

    Our softgels are twice as absorbable as standard tincture oils.

  • Consistency

    Consistency is the key to maintaining the best quality product. All of our hemp oil is produced in the same GMP certified facility using the same extraction process for all batches.

  • USA Proud

    Our products are organically grown and made in the USA.

  • Every Batch is Tested

    Every batch is tested and all results are posted on our website ensuring the highest quality hemp oil without THC, pesticides or metals.

The Therapist Preferred Process

Due to the exceptional quality of our organically grown CBD oil and the technology that is employed, Therapist Preferred products are highly bioavailable to the body which ensures their effectiveness and absorbability.

Nanoemulsion technology, a process by which oil and water are formulated into droplets, is utilized to create the softgels and CBD cream, while our dog treats are formulated with water-soluble hemp oil powder.

The water-soluble droplets in our products are significantly smaller than the industry standard, allowing the bloodstream to easily absorb them.

Not only does this create a higher level of effectiveness - it makes the product much more economical, which will allow the consumer to experience excellent results with a much smaller volume.

Micro Emulsion Examples

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