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If you are new to the CBD world or a longtime user, when planning and going on a trip its normal to wonder whether you should take your CBD oil/gummies/creams with you when traveling.

Are these products legal? Can I pass TSA agents with CBD? Is it helpful to use CBD while you travel?

You have completely psyched yourself out and are now googling the most random questions.

First of all, calm down!

Here is what you need to know about traveling with CBD.


Traveling and CBD Mix Well

Yes, it will be helpful to travel with CBD. There is a long list of advantages of CBD and they are actually associated with travel in many aspects.



·       It Helps You Sleep Better

We’ve all travelled to some place, possibly been jet lagged, missed our comfy bed and then stayed awake all night.

A study evaluated whether CBD helps you sleep better or not. The subjects were given CBD capsules every day for a month. Approximately 66.7% reported sleeping better. People also experienced reduced levels of anxiety as well which might have been keeping them up in the first place.

Another study looked at how CBD may be affecting the sleep cycle. It was observed that CBD seems to improve symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder. This disorder is associated with poor sleep and nightmares.

If you are a light- and/or anxious-sleeper who is travelling a lot, CBD might be your best bet. Many CBD products designed for sleep also contain Melatonin to promote a more restful sleep, like Therapist Preferred’s Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep.


·       Helps with Flight Anxiety

Data suggests that nearly 60 percent of people experience flight anxiety whenever they travel while up to 5 percent have a crippling anxiety which is actually classified as a phobia. If you are in that category, CBD may just be your new travel buddy.

CBD possesses anti-anxiety properties. In a study it was seen that people who took 400 mg of CBD orally had reduced levels of anxiety.

Not only social anxiety but CBD is even known to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. So, if you are having flight anxiety CBD gummies or CBD oil taken orally before a flight might help.


·       CBD Can Help with Troubled Posture and Fatigue

What if you are not taking a flight but are planning a golf trip with your buddies, cycling through the mountains or travelling in a car for long hours? Will CBD help?

Oh yes it will.

CBD can help with pain associated with bad posture, inflammation due to strain and overall discomfort. A 2018 research review showed that CBD helped relieve pain and has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are looking for a travel friendly, topical CBD cream, Therapist Preferred’s highly concentrated, unscented CBD Sports Cream comes in sleek, 1oz size that can fit in your carry-on luggage or your pocket.


Is It Legal to Travel With CBD?

Now that we know that you should take your CBD product with you, let us take a look at the legal issues.

First, CBD is legal under US Federal law. Second, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does allow you to travel with CBD. You just have to be sure that the product you are carrying is THC-free. THC is the one that gets you high, and CBD is its calm cousin.

(See this post from the TSA to learn more:

Make sure that the product you are carrying is THC-free, declare anything you are carrying truthfully and do not be scared. It is most likely that a TSA agent will stop you because you are nervous and not because you are travelling with CBD.

Still confused? Well, CBD products from Therapist Preferred are all THC-free. Our products are clearly marked THC-free and independently tested to ensure it as well.

Remember, while CBD is legal according to US federal law, some states have not updated their laws according to new science. So, CBD is not legal under some states law. Before travelling to any state, do check if they allow CBD or not. It is just that simple.

The emerging evidence of CBD benefits may further persuade the states to relax their punitive measures on the manufacturers, sale, and the potential use. So, you hopefully you won’t have to do that check in the future.

Now get going and Happy Travels!

About Therapist Preferred


Therapist Preferred is a NY based, THC Free CBD company focused on wellness, performance and recovery for active people. Therapist Preferred was launched in 2019 by a Doctor of Physical Therapy & his patient to provide trusted products with premium, natural ingredients.  All products are Made in the USA and Third Party Lab Verified.  Read more about Our Story here.


Therapist Preferred's CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are everywhere and that’s a good thing for you. These little bundles of joy are the new craze among celebrities and your friends alike, and you are wondering “What are CBD Gummies?”, aren’t you?

CBD is simply cannabidiol that comes from the hemp plant. No, they will not get you high as they do not contain the key chemical in the cannabis plant that gives you that feeling of euphoria. If you choose a broad-spectrum or isolate CBD, it does not have THC.

THC is the one you want to avoid.

Broad spectrum CBD gummies simply contain CBD oil without THC. They come in a wide variety of flavors, are easy on the stomach, and popular with both first-time users and people who take them on daily basis.

However, CBD gummies are not FDA approved for any disease or its prevention. Because they are not regulated, you have to be extra careful about the origin and strength of the CBD gummies you are trying. It is important to always buy CBD from a reputable company that gets their products independently tested and posts the lab results on their website.


Why Try CBD Gummies?


CBD gummies can provide a range of benefits and there are studies that support the use of them.


Here are few reasons why you should try CBD gummies:


  • Help With Pain and Inflammation

CBD possesses pain-relieving properties. The human body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is involved in the regulation of sleep, appetite, pain, and immune system.

Studies show that CBD can manipulate the endocannabinoid receptors which may end up reducing pain, inflammation, and interaction with other neurotransmitters.


  • May Lift Up Your Mood and Reduce Anxiety

Other evidence suggests that CBD may be used to help with mood swings and anxiety. Pharmaceutical drugs used for these purposes have been linked with addiction.

One study showed that men who took CBD 90 minutes before public speaking had reduced levels of anxiety. The group given the placebo had no effect on reducing anxiety levels whatsoever.


  • They Can Help With Sleep

Taking CBD as a natural supplement before bed may help you sleep better.  Researchers indicate that CBD use before bed helps with the root causes of insomnia and is most effective over time.

When taking a CBD Gummy for sleep, start with a low dose of 10-20mg of CBD and then gradually add as needed.


  • CBD Gummies Are Discreet

There are still a lot of unknowns attached with the use of CBD and many do not understand how they work. In office, social and other settings where you need to be discreet, you can easily consume CBD gummies. The gummies are also good to carry while travelling.


  • Gummies Last Longer

If you want to chill for a longer duration, using CBD gummies might be the good way to go because your stomach needs time to break them down, absorb and then let them kick in.

With CBD gummies (and other edibles) the effect can last up to 4 hours or more while other delivery methods, like vaping, may only last for 2-3 hours. If you want long term coverage with minimal of doses, gummies are the way to go.

Gummies are easy to use as you do not have to worry how much you are taking. Usually the manufacturer includes the quantity of CBD in every gummy; making them easier on the tummy and the brain.


  • They Are Yummy and Colorful

Who wants boring ways of taking supplements? In fact, many people are unable to swallow pills or don’t enjoy the process of putting a dropper of tincture directly under the tongue. CBD gummies are for the fun-loving. They come in wide variety of flavors and now you can choose your favorites among many other options.

Looking for the Best CBD Gummies? Try Therapist Preferred’s CBD Gummies from Therapist Preferred. They come in two delicious flavors: Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade. Even better- they are vegan, gluten free, kosher, Made in the US from natural ingredients and THC Free!

There are many other potential benefits associated with CBD gummies too including help with subsidizing cancer symptoms, acne, childhood epilepsy, hypertension, heart health, addiction, and prediabetes.


Are CBD Gummies Legal?


Federal laws dictate that any CBD product that has a THC level below 0.3 percent is legal. Some states have different standards so you should check in with your state.

This is why you should always know how to read labels of the gummies to be on the side of safety. Here are some terms that you should look out for:

  • CBD isolate: This is the purest form of CBD. This means that the product contains 100 percent CBD and nothing else.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: CBD gummies with this label mean that they have most cannabinoids, but not the THC. This means you will not get high and the gummies are likely to be easier on your stomach.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum is what the name indicates; it contains all of the cannabinoids in the weed plant including the THC. If you take these gummies, you may test positive on a drug test for THC.


Hopefully you’ve now learned the basics to the question: “What are CBD Gummies?”.  There are a lot of options on the market so do your research to find the trusted CBD gummies that work for you.


About Therapist Preferred


Therapist Preferred is a NY based, THC Free CBD company focused on wellness, performance and recovery for active people. Therapist Preferred was launched in 2019 by a Doctor of Physical Therapy & his patient to provide trusted products with premium, natural ingredients.  All products are Made in the USA and Third Party Lab Verified.  Read more about Our Story here.

Is muscle soreness the glorified goal of exercise?  After countless hours in the gym, hitting the pavement and cycling, it’s important to make sure that you are maximizing the time and energy you are putting into these workouts.

The better question is, should muscle soreness be utilized to gauge the productivity of your workouts?  There is a lot of misconception about this topic and I am quite sure depending upon who you speak with their answers may vary.

First let’s discuss, “what is muscle soreness?” and “where does it come from?”.

Muscle soreness in general is a result of microscopic tears in each muscle fiber.  This typically happens when the tissues are overloaded or strained in a capacity that they are not accustomed.  There are two types of muscle contractions:

  1. Concentric Contraction – shortening of the muscle (lifting part)
  2. Eccentric Contraction*- lengthening or deceleration of the muscle

 *typically muscle tears are created with eccentric contractions as this is where the muscle is working the hardest.

The severity of the micro-tears can depend on the frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise.  I know that at some point in time you have all experienced this phenomenon.  The technical name is “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” aka DOMS.  When dealing with DOMS, you should take a mental note of where and when the soreness onsets.  (Note- if the pain onsets immediately, you should seek medical attention as DOMS typically onsets 3 days post exercise.)

Many of us consider ourselves “athletes” so we need to pay attention to our bodies.  Specifically, we need to assess how the muscular soreness effects our movement as well as how long it lasts.

Key questions to qualify soreness and location:

  1. Is the pain a dull ache or sharp and intense?
  2. Do you have abnormal muscle or joint pain and swelling?
  3. Do you have pain at rest or with movement?
  4. Does pain keep you up at night (your body should be recovering during a peaceful night’s sleep)?
  5. Has your ability to move been altered by your pain and stiffness?

Here are a few recommendations based on your potential answers to these questions:

“Pain, Pain Baby”

Remember the slogan from the 80’s: “No Pain, No Gain”? Well this could not be further from the truth.  Pain is an indicator which emanates from within your body letting you know that something is wrong.  If your post workout pain persists, you should see a medical doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor who may be able to fully diagnose your symptoms.

“Stiff as a Board”

Speaking from personal experience, this type of pain is quite intense and debilitating.  You may experience severe muscle and joint pain due to swelling from the microscopic muscle tears as movement generally becomes extremely difficult.  If you can relate to the above symptoms, we would suggest lightening up on your workout and your body will appreciate it!

“Please don’t let this last forever”

Let’s take a look at how long “normal” muscle soreness should last.  Duration of soreness should be no longer than seventy-two (72) hours.  If your body is taking longer than this length of time to heal, you are probably training too hard.

“Recover. Recharge. Renew”

Working out a muscle that has not fully recovered is counterproductive.  To properly recover from the delayed onset muscle soreness. You should try massages and foam rolling.  These are both excellent methods to help manipulate the fascia and muscles into recovery.

“CBD for the Win”

And finally, using CBD for sore muscles consistently can be an effective method for post exercise recovery. Therapist Preferred offers a full line of products to support your recovery efforts.

400mg CBD Sports CreamCBD Sports Cream 400mg– Our new sports cream is 2x stronger than our “Original” popular cream. This soothing cream combines 400mg of premium CBD in an easy to use 4oz pump bottle with camphor, menthol, lavender and other essential oils.  It smells great when applied topically and the calming aroma fades away quickly while you feel the cream working on your sore area(s) for hours.



CBD soft gelsCBD Soft Gels for Everyday Wellness – The human body is quite resilient in nature and has this amazing ability to heal from within. Our soft gel capsules are small, tasteless and odorless making them easy to take by most people either at home or on the go. They are an excellent way to reduce overall body inflammation and promote healing from within.

As the name suggests, these water soluble capsules are for everyday use as part of your overall regimen. We recommend taking 1-2 soft gels daily at a consistent time period (i.e. morning, nighttime).


CBD with Melatonin SoftgelsCBD Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep:  Sleep is where the real healing begins so these popular soft gel capsules combine the same premium formula as the Wellness Capsules with the added benefit of 1mg of Melatonin.

Note- they are intended for nighttime use only. We recommend taking 1-2 of these capsules 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime for a more restful sleep.



Either way you look at it, recovery is an important part of the healing process.  Therapist Preferred is a company focused on premium, highly bioavailable products made FOR active people, BY active people. We know what it takes to perform at your peak and remain healthy!

About the Author:

Doug Geller is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  He leads an active lifestyle which includes playing soccer and basketball.  You will always find him on an epic peloton ride and/or run as he is an avid exercise enthusiast.  To support his needs as an athlete, he utilizes Therapist Preferred’s sports cream daily for muscle recovery and soft gel capsules for everyday wellness!

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