Unlike other wellness trends, CBD has proven it is here for the long haul with more and more active people using it to stay healthy. Learn more about the benefits of CBD for active people and the diverse and easy-to-use ways to take it..


Cannabidiol (popularly known as CBD) use in sports is increasing rapidly, particularly because of its “non-psychoactive” label. Mounting scientific evidence confirms that CBD can effectively manage sports-related injuries and complications without compromising conscientiousness and mental function. It’s no wonder that many professional and amateur athletes endorse and tout CBD use in sports and recovery.

What makes CBD immensely popular and widely accepted is the fact that it is free from the mind-altering effects associated with its cousin, i.e., marijuana (THC). Unlike THC, CBD does not give you the high.

In fact, CBD is everything THC is not.

CBD provides a holistic effect in your body by smartly maneuvering the biological system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD mimics endocannabinoids, the natural neurotransmitters (molecules) in the body that bind with the endocannabinoid receptors, to reduce pain and inflammation. This phenomenon has made CBD a go-to product for physically active people and athletes participating in sports of all kinds.


What is the Scientific Evidence to Support the Claims?

People, who are active and involved in sports, often face issues with pain and inflammation. Review of the observatory scientific studies suggest that CBD has the potential to substantially reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, commonly experienced after intense workout.

While THC also exhibits pain-relieving properties, it can hamper the performance by causing serious side effects such as impaired memory, hallucinations, paranoia and addiction.

Notably, the World Health Organization (2018) report states that unlike other pain-relief substances including THC and opioids, CBD doesn’t cause any serious side effects. Rather, it is beneficial to overcome opioid addiction during relapse.


Is CBD Legal to Use?

Ever since the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list (2018) of prohibited substances and the farm bill legalized the production, selling, and product use from hemp extract, countless CBD products have been buzzing the wellness market.


How CBD is Benefiting Active People

Despite the resilience and tolerance built over years with exercise, even physically-active and athletic people tend to go “off” time and again. A vast majority of them have already begun exploring CBD products as an alternate and natural means to manage a number of conditions and/or injuries such as:

  • Stress – the Eternal Mess

There is evidence that CBD calms the central nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety. It does so without giving you the high or the “other-worldly” feeling. CBD binds with CB1 andCB2 receptors in the brain and alter serotonin (a happy chemical) signals. Serotonin is a happy chemical that ensures happiness, contentment and self-confidence.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, you may want to try our THC-free USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil Tincture. One drop (day or night) can substantially calm your nervous system.

  • Inflammation and Worn-out Muscles

After an intense workout or an injury, active people commonly suffer from inflammation. While inflammation is a defensive reaction and helps the body to fight back infections, abnormal overactivation of immune response results in amplified inflammation levels that are seriously dangerous for the body. They may lead to serious health conditions including, pain, stress as well as depression. Moreover, inflammation also delays the recovery process.

Cannabinoids (CBD) are presumed to effectively reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress to the normal levels, allowing less muscle soreness and improved mobility. CBD Sports Cream can considerably reduce cramps and muscle spasms by reducing certain neurotransmitters.

  • Cognition and Memory

CBD use can considerably help in controlling the central nervous system as well as the endocannabinoid system. Both systems, comprising the brain and spinal cord, work by coordinating neuron receptors and transmitters to communicate signals efficiently.

Long continuous strenuous exercises sometimes result in muscles losing strength and consequently slowing down. CBD tinctures and soft gels help improving neuronal coordination for a better muscle movement.

CBD Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep are effective in improving sleep duration and quality by reducing stress hormones and anxiety and resuming the normal sleep cycles. It resets the sleep-wake cycle by modulating the endocannabinoid system.


Before trying CBD, What You Should Know

Despite the apparent and multiple benefits of CBD, it is highly recommended to seek medical advice and therapy, especially, if you have any medical history, allergy, or are taking other medications that could interfere with the activity of CBD.

Additionally, you should start with the minimum CBD dose and observe your wellness, and respectively scale up or cut down to the optimum dosage according to how your body adjusts to the dose.


About Therapist Preferred

Therapist Preferred is a NY based, THC Free CBD company focused on wellness, performance and recovery for active people. Therapist Preferred was launched in 2019 by a Doctor of Physical Therapy & his patient to provide trusted products with premium, natural ingredients.  All products are Made in the USA and Third Party Lab Verified.  Read more about Our Story here.


With greater focus on health, wellness and immunity in the world right now we’ve been getting a lot of questions from customers and potential customers about the various methods of taking CBD and the recommended dosages of each method.  To help answer these questions, we want to provide a brief outline of Therapist Preferred’s products.

First, let’s briefly discuss what Cannabidoil (CBD) is to better frame the discussion.  CBD is a compound that is naturally produced by the cannabis plant and the oil is widely available in various formats throughout the world.

The body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that is activated by endocannabinoids produced naturally by the body.  Science has shown that the ECS also responds to external cannabinoids, like CBD, to produce a variety of positive benefits.

CBD oil is primarily extracted from the Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant, the taller and more fibrous cousin of the Cannabis Indica plant.  Cannabis Indica produces large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and thus is cultivated for marijuana.  While legalized in many states for recreational and/or medical use, Cannabis Indica is classified as a controlled substance by the Federal government.

And just to be clear, hemp is NOT marijuana.  In order to be legally cultivated through the 2018 Farm Bill, there must be less than .3% THC.  The CBD oil in Therapist Preferred’s products are made from PCR hemp which is a CBD rich strain containing up to 10x the concentration of generic industrial hemp and no discernible amounts of THC.  You can check out the 3rd party lab results on all of our products here.

While CBD products are widely distributed, the Federal Drug Administration has not broadly opined on the medical uses, so we can’t, and will not make any medical claims about our products. You should always speak to a licensed medical professional before taking any new products.

For the further discussion of methods and dosages for CBD below, we will focus on just the methods that Therapist Preferred carries- capsules, gummies, tinctures, topicals and yes, even dog treats.


To Show CBD Soft Gels

Soft Gel Capsules

There are many reasons people prefer taking soft gel capsules over the other available options including the fact that you will always know the exact dosage. Our capsules are small, tasteless and odorless making them easy to take by most people either at home or on the go.

We have two different Soft Gel Capsules, both with 25mg of our premium CBD per soft gel with the only difference being Melatonin.

CBD Soft Gels for Everyday Wellness – As the name suggests, these easy to swallow, water soluble capsules are for everyday use as part of your overall regimen. We recommend taking 1-2 soft gels daily at a consistent time period (i.e. morning, nighttime).  Customers commonly start with one initially and add a second if needed.

CBD Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep:  These capsules contain the same premium formula as the Wellness Capsules with the added benefit of 1mg of Melatonin.  Therefore, they are intended for nighttime use only. We recommend taking 1-2 of these capsules 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime for a more restful sleep.  Many people take these capsules prior to a long flight as a replacement for prescription sleep aids. (Note- make sure the plane is in the air first;  I once made the mistake of taking the soft gel right after boarding an overnight flight, only to have the flight canceled!)

Both soft gel capsule products come in a bottle of 30.

Green Apple CBD GUmmiesGummies

Gummies are an extremely popular method of taking CBD and with once you taste our delicious gummies you will quickly understand why that is.  We now carry two flavors of gummies- Green Apple & Strawberry Lemonade.   These gumdrop shaped gummies combine 10mg of premium CBD in each one with clean ingredients like organic tapioca syrup and organic cane sugar.  Coming in a jar of 30 gummies they are vegan, gluten free and of course, THC Free.

As mentioned, each gummy contains 10mg of CBD so we recommend 1-3 per day at whatever time works best for your routine.  They can be easily cut in half to allow you add in increments of 5mg to find the right balance for you.

Therapist Preferred's USDA Certified Organic Tincture


Using a dropper to place CBD oil under the tongue is commonly referred to as taking it “sublingually”.  The sublingual gland is a vein under the tongue that allows for rapid absorption into the bloodstream so it is amongst the most popular delivery methods.

Our USDA Certified Organic Mint Flavored Tincture uses olive oil as the carrier oil creating a refreshing combination without the “earthy” after-taste often associated with this delivery method.

Each bottle contains approximately 30 servings (a full dropper) with 15mg of premium CBD per dropper. We recommend starting with 1 dropper daily- morning or night and the beauty of a tincture is that you can easily take more or less.  People often drop CBD oil into their daily morning beverages (coffee, tea, smoothie, etc) although doing so will generally bypass the sublingual vein, making it slightly less effective.

CBD Sports Creams


For many people, their introduction to the world of CBD is through a topical product like a cream, a balm or a salve designed to treat your body “locally”.

At Therapist Preferred, we currently only carry creams as our research and development process has showed us that CBD creams provide the best combination of rapid absorption and ease of use.  Unlike salves, CBD creams are made with water so they generally absorb better with little to no residue.

Therapist Preferred currently carries two CBD cream products coming in different sizes and concentrations.

First, our best selling CBD Sports Cream which comes in an easy to use 4oz pump bottle.  Each bottle contains 200mg of our premium CBD with a calming combination of menthol, camphor, peppermint, lavender and other essential oils.  This cream rubs in easily and won’t stain your clothing.  We recommend using a “nickel” size amount of cream 2-3 times a day on the areas you are looking to treat.

Our other cream comes in a convenient “on the go” travel size.  This Unscented Cream is highly concentrated with 250mg of CBD in a 1oz air pump.  We know many people are scent averse or have strong allergies to essential oils, so this cream is a perfect alternative.  Given the concentration, using a “dime” size amount 2-3 times a day should work well.

Dog Treats Dream

Dog Treats

CBD is safe for pets and works in the same way as it does for humans in conjunction with the body’s naturally producing Endocannabinoid system.

Our CBD Dog Treats combine 2mg of our premium CBD with a vet-formulated beef flavored bite sized treat in a bag of 30 treats.  As a general rule, we recommend 1 treat for every 25lbs and those dogs under 15lbs should take a half a treat.

Hopefully this has answered the questions that may have brought you to this page.  If you have additional questions or want to set up a phone consultation to determine the right products for you, please email me at brett@therapistpreferred.com.

About the Author

Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  Currently on the road to recovery after recent knee surgery, Brett takes a daily CBD Softgel and applies the CBD Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his knee so he can get back to his super active lifestyle including golf, tennis, basketball, indoor cycling, running and squash.

Read the Therapist Preferred story here.

CBD in the world of Physical Therapy

Working in the health care industry has been quite a rewarding experience for me over the past 19 years.  Meeting and getting to know so many wonderful people has been nothing short of amazing.  I’ve been fortunate to have met and been mentored by many of the best manual medicine minds of today.

Implementing a biomechanics and functional approach to diagnosis and treatment has led me to where I currently stand professionally with my own clinic, SCORE with PT in Rye, New York.  I am always striving for excellence and to explore new options to implement in my practice to best serve my patients.

Being a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) has allowed me to meet all types of people.  I have had the honor of treating everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes in all areas of the sports world.  One thing they all have in common is the necessity for a speedy recovery from an injury and quality of life.  As a therapist, the best tool in my arsenal is listening to a patient’s needs. Besides providing palliative care, and a program to take home, I wanted to offer more.


Our rehabilitative field is continually changing as is the world around us!  One hot topic in the field of physical therapy over the last year has been, “Does CBD have a place in physical therapy clinics?”  First of all, great question, but I think we should begin by first explaining “What is CBD and how does it work?”


CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is one of the molecules that is found in the cannabis plant.  Our body has its own endocannabinoid system (ECS) which some say is responsible for homeostasis (equilibrium in our body).  Our ECS is comprised of CB1 receptors present throughout the body (many are in the brain) and CB2 receptors which are more common in the immune system.  CBD seems to direct the body to utilize more of its own cannabinoids, rather than attach to the receptors itself.


Many of my patients have utilized various CBD products in conjunction with the manual therapy I provide, so I do believe that CBD can play a key role in delivering homeostasis.


It is important to note that CBD will not replace any medicine that has been prescribed by your physician.  You should always speak to your physician regarding the possible benefits and side effects of taking CBD or any supplements.


If you do consider taking CBD as a complement to physical therapy or your overall wellness regimen, you will likely find that all CBD brands are not created equal.  When choosing a CBD brand, you want to look for certain qualities in the product.  Brands that are transparent about their ingredients, process of oil extraction and third party lab testing should be atop your list of potential options.


Our brand, Therapist Preferred is THC free, gluten free and proudly made in the USA with industry leading nanotechnology.  Our products contain no metals, no harsh chemicals, and are farm bill compliant.   All of our products are third party lab tested and the results of each batch we craft can be seen by scanning the QR code on each of our products.  We are a brand FOR active people, BY active people and we use all of our products ourselves.


Therapist Preferred offers a variety of CBD delivery methods.  Everything from an easy to use cream, to a natural sleep aid.  We even have dog treats to calm your family pup! What is most important is that our customers love our product.  They trust our company and reorder time and time again. Our best advertising is truly our happy customers who tell their family and friends about their love of Therapist Preferred CBD products.


There is one way to find out if CBD products work for you…try it today!  Besides our cream, capsules with melatonin and dog treats that I referenced above, we also carry a mint tincture, green apple flavored gummies, and everyday wellness capsules.  We are continuing to add new products (including a new travel size, super concentrated unscented cream) so follow us on social media (@ThrpstPreferred) and sign up for our mailing list here.


We at Therapist Preferred want to thank our loyal customers and look forward to those of you that want to join our family in the future!



About the Author:

Doug Geller is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  He leads an active lifestyle which includes playing soccer and basketball.  You will always find him on an epic peloton ride and/or run as he is an avid exercise enthusiast.  To support his needs as an athlete, he utilizes Therapist Preferred’s sports cream daily for muscle recovery and soft gel capsules for everyday wellness!

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New Year resolutions

I’m pretty sure I’ll remember the food-related events of December 31, 2018, for years to come as they led me to an overall mind and body transformation in 2019 that I’m confident will continue in 2020 and beyond.

Our family was spending New Year’s Eve in the Berkshires, an idyllic region in Western Massachusetts around 2 hours from our home in Westchester County, NY.

We stopped at the Great Barrington Bagel Company for lunch and I salivated over my order of a Hot Pastrami sandwich on an Everything Bagel.  For some unknown reason, we allowed our then 8-year-old twin daughters to each order the same sandwich.  To no one’s surprise, they both ate less than half of their sandwich in more time than it took me to finish my complete sandwich.  Then “rock bottom” happened- I proceeded to eat the remaining half of both of their bagel sandwiches.

That evening, after a New Year’s Eve meal of a bacon cheeseburger and fries, my wife and I sat down for a late-night drink after the kids went to bed.  Over a bourbon, I simply declared, “I need to make some changes to my eating.” Now I don’t think anyone would have looked at me at the time and thought I was overweight, but I had just had separate shoulder and elbow surgeries that fall so I wasn’t participating in my normal activities and I had definitely let myself go a bit.

Long story short, the changes to my life that I started on New Year’s Day 2019 made a dramatic impact.  Not only did I lose almost 20 lbs and maintained that weight loss throughout the year, but in my 40’s I feel better than ever before.

I’m not suggesting that these results will be the same for everyone, but below are four key changes I made that could help you in 2020:

  • Changing My Breakfast Routine– For as long as I can remember, I consumed multiple bowls of cereal for breakfast every morning. They were generally “healthy” cereal brands (Kashi, Barbara’s, Whole Foods 365, etc.) but I always combined at least 2 different cereals in my trough sized bowl.  Now, virtually every single day in 2019 I eat a moderate portion of Siggi’s 0% Milkfat Vanilla Yogurt with blueberries and granola.  The 15g of protein keeps me satisfied until lunch and there is no temptation to keep adding more cereal to soak up all of the leftover milk.
  • Adding Cycling to My Workout Schedule– As mentioned, my surgeries in the fall of 2018 left me unable to play basketball or racquet sports last winter, so after years of resisting my wife’s overtures to get me to try spin classes, I finally climbed aboard the Peloton at my gym in January to see what the hype was about.  I was quickly hooked. My competitive fire was instantly lit as I tried various Peloton instructors (primarily Jennifer Jacobs at first and now a combination of Robin Arzon, Ally Love & Olivia Amato) and managed 120+ rides in my first year. I’m not suggesting that you need to go out and buy a Peloton, but if you can add some sort of consistent cycle training to your workout routine, you will likely notice the benefits.
  • Less Beer, More “Claw”– Cutting out the occasional weekday beer with dinner or the one last beer during a night out was definitely a point of emphasis as I started my changes last winter.  Thankfully this coincided with the “Golden Age of Spiked Seltzer” and I now had a bevy of refreshing, 100 calories options especially Truly & White Claw. Yeah, maybe not the manliest drink to order when out, but at home, it hits the spot and really helped eliminate those empty calories.  Tequila with club soda and a splash of grapefruit juice is another great option to either make at home or order out.
  • Taking A Daily Dose of CBD– Aside from a daily Zyrtec pill that I’m afraid to stop taking, I’ve never relied on any vitamins or supplements.  When Doug & I were working on the business plan for Therapist Preferred last winter, I started experimenting with daily CBD delivery methods including capsules, gummies, and tinctures. Ultimately, I felt that the impact from most methods was relatively similar, but the most important factor was taking something.  On days when I didn’t take any CBD, I noticed I was less energetic and focused. I personally find that our Therapist Preferred Softgel capsules provide the best results but I often use the Gummies or Tincture (in my coffee) for a change of pace. With the overall changes I made to my diet and my workouts in 2019, I’m confident that my daily CBD use was a big contributing factor to my recovery and wellness.

One year later, I’ll admit to still sometimes finishing my daughters’ half-eaten chicken fingers or having a beer after a long day, but the changes I made to my life mean I don’t have the guilt afterward.   If you are looking to make changes in your own life, go ahead and try some of these “hacks” out or come up with a few of your own. After all, it’s all about what works best for you and your life.

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy 2020 for you and yours!

About the Author

Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  To support his super active lifestyle including golf, tennis, basketball, Peloton, running, and squash, Brett takes a daily CBD Softgel and applies the CBD Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his arms & legs.  He can be reached at brett@therapistpreferred.com with questions you may have about CBD in general or Therapist Preferred.

Read the Therapist Preferred story here.

Now that you’ve survived “Black Friday” and are finished getting inundated with “Cyber Monday” offers, it’s time to take stock of the gifts that you still need to secure on your list between now and whatever December holiday(s) you celebrate.

There are up to 6 less shopping days than normal based on the late Thanksgiving, so let’s not waste any time identifying some options for various hard to please people on your list.

For the Golf Obsessed: Vice Golf


Golfers love to be trendsetters using the newest equipment to add distance, accuracy (or neither) to their game.  Vice Golf has come on strong over the last couple of years with their edgy marketing persona, bright colored balls, and recognizable script font but more importantly with their high quality, premium golf balls at a very affordable price.  They have a great online tool to help select the best balls based on swing speed, handicap, and goals or you can order the “selected pack” so your golfer can try them all out. They also have some cool apparel and golf accessories that are sure to draw attention.

For the Neat Freak: iRobot Roomba


YouTube is filled with adorable & funny videos of pets either petrified of or obsessed with Roombas, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7hu67Bk5bA Beyond the entertainment value, they flat out work wonders on all surfaces.  With increased “robot vacuum” competition, the prices have come down a long way in recent years for this industry-leading brand so now is a great time to buy one.

For the Lip Balm Aficionado: Mind Flight Natural Skin Care


This new company formulates and handcrafts small batch, natural body, and skincare products. Most importantly, all of their products are free of parabens, gluten, dairy, preservatives and chemicals and come in awesome aromatic flavors.  I already bought this useful “Bag of Balms” to use as stocking stuffers for the lip balm obsessed on my list.

For those with Achy Feet: Belmint Heated Shiatsu Foot Massager


I enjoy an occasional foot massage but don’t love a stranger messing with my feet.  Problem solved- this sleek looking electric foot massager from Belmint targets pressure points with an air compression system that is 20% better than the competition.  As the cold temps arrive in much of the country, the warming option is like hot chocolate for your feet- adding warmth and increasing blood circulation to relax your muscles.

For Those Who Need a Sock Game Makeover: Neon Bandits


Neon Bandits are versatile socks that blend performance with style. Their socks are meant to be worn while working out or hanging out. Additionally, Neon Bandits are knit-in, meaning that the colors will not fade with multiple washes and the socks structure will not change with multiple wears.  Keep your eyes on the @ThrpstPreferred social feed in 2020- we NEED some custom TP logo socks ASAP.

For the Bourbon Lover: Williams Sonoma Round Ice Cube Molds


I received these ice molds a couple of years ago as a gift and I’m obsessed with them.  Keeps the bourbon at the perfect temperature to sip and stays solid for the usual re-fill. The only problem is that when I use them with guests, they enjoy the bourbon so much, I keep running through bottles. Speaking of bourbon- check out this “Bourbon” made with hemp seed from the Sono 1420 Distillery in CT: https://www.sono1420.com/two-whiskeys (They ship to over half the country).

For the World Traveler: Globe Trekkers Mini Cork Globe


People who travel generally love to talk about all of their amazing travel and tell you how many places they’ve visited.  This tabletop, mini cork globe will become an instant conversation piece in any room that allows them to easily track their globetrotting through colored pins.  Give them this gift and you won’t have to sit through another long photo slide show!

For the Fitness Focused: Therapist Preferred CBD


As a company founded by two athletes who start most conversations talking about their most recent Peloton outputs, we take pride in carrying premium CBD products for those who lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  When looking for gifts, I definitely recommend our CBD Cream for application to the areas that may need it PLUS one of the daily wellness products: Softgel Capsules, Tincture or Gummies, depending on what you think they would prefer to take.

Hopefully, that gives you some fresh ideas to complete your holiday shopping.

No need to stress- the holidays are the time to spend quality time with friends and family, get some much-needed rest and re-charge for the new year.  If they don’t appreciate your gifts, well, there’s always next year!

About the Author

Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  To support his super active lifestyle including golf, tennis, basketball, Peloton, running, and squash, Brett takes a daily CBD Softgel and applies the CBD Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his arms & legs.

Brett (L) & Doug (R)

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