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Recovery Tips for Golfers

Guest Blog Post with Recovery Tips for Golfers from Matt Palazzolo- a Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Performance & Movement Coach    ....

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CBD Sports Creams for Topical Relief

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CBD For Golfers

If you are a golfer, you’ve likely seen CBD products in a golf pro shop, on the pages of a golf magazine or on the hat of a professional golfer during a recent tournament and you may be wondering how it can benefit you. On this page, we’ve compiled some valuable information and recommendations regarding CBD for Golfers.


Golf is a sport that requires the proper balance between physical and mental performance.  In addition, to excel (and thoroughly enjoy) golf, most golfers spend considerable time practicing the game.  Many also take the time to work on strength and flexibility to enhance their swing and/or distance.


CBD has become very popular amongst golfers of all levels to aid both the physical and mental sides of the game.  Taking oral CBD products like tinctures, soft-gels or gummies before or even during a round of golf can really help maintain focus throughout the peaks and valleys of a typical four hour round.


Additionally, using high quality CBD topicals before and after your round can help combat soreness, joint pain and the standard aches associated with the sport of golf. Using CBD products in addition to stretching and staying hydrated can help you recover from your rounds of golf quicker so you can back on the fairways for your next round.


At Therapist Preferred, we are golfers too so we know how important it is to maintain peak mental and physical condition on the golf course.  In addition to your clubs, balls, tees, markers and umbrella, add some Therapist Preferred CBD products to your golf bag today.


If you have specific questions about “How CBD Can Help Golfers?” or if you need help picking out the right products, send us an email:


Hit ’em long and straight and enjoy your time on the golf course!

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