Muscle Soreness, Increased Exercise & CBD

Is muscle soreness the glorified goal of exercise?  After countless hours in the gym, hitting the pavement and cycling, it’s important to make sure that you are maximizing the time and energy you are putting into these workouts. The better question is, should muscle soreness be utilized to gauge the productivity of your workouts?  There…

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CBD Sports Creams for Topical Relief

CBD Sports Creams

Now that many people in the country can get back to some semblance of a workout & activity routine, muscle aches and soreness are coming back as well.  With this increased activity, many people are turning to hemp derived topical CBD sports cream products for localized relief of these problem areas.   Topical CBD products…

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How Does Exercise Affect Sleep?

CBD with Melatonin for sleep

Have you always been an avid exerciser?  Have you adjusted your exercise regime as your body has changed?  Are you still burning the candle at both ends?  Your answers to these questions and many more impact the quality of your sleep. Most of us require exercise and the corresponding endorphin rush to “survive” and get…

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How Much CBD Should I Take?

Therapist Preferred CBD products

With greater focus on health, wellness and immunity in the world right now we’ve been getting a lot of questions from customers and potential customers about the various methods of taking CBD and the recommended dosages of each method.  To help answer these questions, we want to provide a brief outline of Therapist Preferred’s products….

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Therapist Preferred Live Read on the Inside the Leather Podcast

Therapist Preferred podcast

Therapist Preferred Co-Founder Brett Ehrlich stops by the Golficity HQ to provide a literal “live read” for the “Inside the Leather” podcast with Ronnie from NJ. Inside the Leather podcast fans, use promo code ITL20 for 20% off your order. Brett and Ronnie discuss the full suite of Therapist Preferred’s products that have been highlighted…

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