By Brett Ehrlich | May 12, 2020

CBD Sports Creams for Topical Relief

Now that many people in the country can get back to some semblance of a workout & activity routine, muscle aches and soreness are coming back as well.  With this increased activity, many people are turning to hemp derived topical CBD sports cream products for localized relief of these problem areas.


Topical CBD products come in many different formats. These include creams, lotions, balms, salves, sticks, roll-ons, gels, oils and sprays.  We understand that it’s daunting to choose the best option for your daily use so we want to provide our perspective on this topic based on several years of research & development and practical use.


The primary difference between each type of topical solution is the amount of oils, water, emulsifying agents (often wax) and preservatives in the formula.  For a good, simple explanation of the difference between a cream, salve, lotion and body butter read this article from Plantiful.


As a brand developed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and used extensively with high performance athletes, weekend warriors and those just looking to maintain an active lifestyle, we experimented with many of the CBD topical options for Therapist Preferred.


Ultimately, we determined that sports creams with premium, THC free hemp derived CBD provide the best combination of localized delivery, rapid absorption, deep penetration, consistency, aroma and texture and we proudly offer multiple options for our customers.


Throughout our testing and continued product sampling of the available options from our competitors, we experienced the fastest and longest lasting results with sports creams. We also commonly find that balms, salves, sticks and roll-ons don’t rub into the skin easily, thus diminishing the impact of the CBD (and quite often leaving a gritty residue or stain on clothing).


The absorbability of Therapist Preferred’s sports creams make them ideal for daily use on knees, elbows, necks, legs, backs and hands.  Pretty much any place on your body that can get sore, can benefit from a trusted CBD sports cream.  CBD sports creams can also be used effectively for dry, itchy skin.


In a previous article “How Much CBD Should I Take?”, we shared our recommendation to apply CBD sports creams 2-3 times a day for maximum benefit.  That article should be a helpful reference not just for the topicals, but to also learn more about other Therapist Preferred CBD products (capsules, tinctures and gummies) that can complement the use of a sports cream.


Now, let’s go through our current lineup of CBD sports cream options to help you determine the best one for you.  As always, all Therapist Preferred products are THC Free, 3rd Party Lab Verified, and Made in the USA.


-400mg CBD Sports Cream: This soothing cream combines 400mg of premium CBD in an easy to use 4oz pump bottle with camphor, menthol, lavender and other essential oils.  It smells great when applied and the calming aroma fades away quickly while you feel the cream working on your sore area(s) for hours.


250mg Unscented Sports Cream: This premium sports cream is highly concentrated, packed with 250mg of CBD in a 1oz “on the go” air pump bottle. Our research showed us that when it comes to using a topical product, many people are scent averse or have strong allergies to essential oils, so this unscented cream is a perfect alternative.  It is also an ideal size for travel or “on the go” use as it can fit easily in your gym bag, toiletry kit, purse or even your pocket


When it comes to choosing the best CBD creams for topical relief, do what active people all of the country are doing every day- try Therapist Preferred now.


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About the Author

Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  Currently on the road to recovery after recent knee surgery, Brett takes a daily CBD Wellness Capsule and applies the new 400mg CBD Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his knee so he can get back to his super active lifestyle including golf, tennis, basketball, indoor cycling, running and squash.