By Therapist Preferred | December 3, 2021

Gift Ideas for Active People

As a company “For Active People, By Active People” we often get asked for recommendations of products that we use in our own lives to keep us healthy. To help with your holiday shopping, below is our list of “Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Active People”.


Compression Sleeve

#10: Compression Sleeves & Socks

Many active people wear various compression products to help improve blood flow before, during and after workouts. There is no shortage of compression product options, but one we like and use is Copper Compression. They infuse copper into their nylon products to extend the life and maximize the benefits.



Winter Beanie Hat

#9: Therapist Preferred’s New Winter Hat

For those in cold weather states, keeping your head warm is an important component to daily life. Our new Winter Hat is comfy, stylish and best of all, shows off your favorite CBD brand!



Salis Tablets

#8: Salis Endurance Release Electrolyte Tabs

Part of the fun of gift giving is introducing people to products they may not otherwise be familiar with.  Since meeting the Salis team at the Hamptons Marathon that we both sponsored, we’ve become big fans of their Endurance Release Electrolyte Tablets and we think you should be too. Check them out today to stay energized throughout your workout.



#7: A Session with a Local Physical Therapist

Whether you are recovering from an injury or completely healthy, there are long term benefits in regular visits to a physical therapist. As movement experts, they can help treat current ailments and provide recommendations to optimize your body.  For those in the Rye, NY area we are biased for our co-founder Doug and his team at Score Physical Therapy & Wellness.  If you are looking elsewhere, check out the American Physical Therapy Association’s website for local recommendations.



Halo View

#6: Halo View Connected Fitness Device

Amazon is now in the connected fitness world with their recent purchase of Halo. Just in time for the holidays, they are releasing the Halo View, “designed to help you improve the way you move”. At $49, this priced way below many competitors and comes with a full year membership to their workout programs. We’ve pre-ordered a few of these for people on our lists.




#5: Pickleball Paddles & Gear from Baddle

Not a day goes by where we don’t hear, see or read something related to Pickleball. We even have a special section on our website with resources for the pickleball community.  We are also happy to shine a light on Baddle, a brand with the perfect combination of performance and panache.




#4 Goodr Sunglasses

Are you on endless search for sunglasses that are durable for all activities, stylish and affordable? Look no further as Goodr has you covered with an amazing selection for $25. Yes, $25. You’re welcome.



Normatec Boots

#3: Normatec 2 Recovery Boots

An option on the more expensive side ($700-800) is the Normatec 2 Recovery Boots from HyperIce. Sliding into these air compression boots will help you warmup and recover like the pro from your favorite recliner.



On Cloud

#2 On Cloud

On Cloud (aka On) have quickly emerged as a must have for active people, especially runners. With multiple options depending on your running and support needs, we highly recommend going to your nearest specialty running store to get fit for the right pair.



A Guide To Taking CBD

#1: Therapist Preferred CBD Products

If you are an active person or shopping for one, then Therapist Preferred has a CBD option for you. Our premium, THC-Free line of products includes topicals, soft-gels, gummies, a tincture and even dog treats. Better yet- shop our bundles to stock up and save! If you have questions about the right product for you or the active person on your list- send us an email ( or call us (914-809-0193); we are always happy to help.


Hopefully this list of gift ideas for active people helped you in your search! Happy shopping & we wish you a healthy and safe holiday season.