By Therapist Preferred | November 17, 2022

Holiday Shopping for Active People

We are thrilled to release our annual “Holiday Gift Guide” for 2022. Our criteria for inclusion is simple and authentic- we only recommend products that we (and those around us), use in our own lives.  To help with your holiday shopping, below is our list of “Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Active People” from Therapist Preferred, your trusted resource for CBD products for active people.


#10 Ridge Wallet


Ridge has changed the game for functional, secure, minimalist-first wallets. Who needs to be carrying around a bulky wallet with useless receipts and long ago expired gift cards? Ridge wallets are designed to fit up to 12 cards so you can carry your wallet in your front pocket and eliminate the back pain associated with a bulky back pocket wallet.


#9 Knockaround Sunglasses


We were recently introduced to this awesome brand of contemporary, affordable and versatile everyday sunglasses.  Knockaround’s products are made for adventurers, explorers, speed junkies and anyone looking for stylish and durable shades in a variety of options (under $40). Every pair is fitted with FDA-approved, impact resistant lenses, so they’re the perfect companion for all your adventures.


#8 Balega Socks


A great pair of socks is an often overlooked (but vital) part of any workout.  Treat yourself or the active person on your shopping list to multiple pairs of these incredibly comfortable, durable and just plain awesome socks.


#7 An Indoor Cycling Studio Membership


Indoor cycling is the perfect complement to any other exercise related activity. While indoor cycling is considered “low impact” related to the stress on your joints, the cardiovascular and stamina benefits make it one of the best and most popular ways to stay consistently active. If you are looking to start your indoor cycling routine in a fun, challenging and community driven studio environment, find the nearest CycleBar, the #1 indoor cycling studio in the country with over 260 locations. (Editor’s Note: Therapist Preferred’s CEO & Co-Founder Brett is the owner of the recently opened CycleBar Stamford)


#6 A Stanley Water Bottle


William Stanley changed the insulated beverage game back in 1913 when he invented the portable, all-steel vacuum bottle. 100+ years later, Stanley products are still dominating the scene and everywhere we go now we see active people of all ages staying hydrated with their unbreakable Stanley water bottles in various colors and styles.  It probably won’t fit in a stocking, but perfect as a holiday gift!


#5 A Session with a Local Physical Therapist


There will never be a year where we don’t include this on this list as many of you know that Therapist Preferred’s Chief Wellness Officer (& Co-Founder) Doug is a highly recommended Rye, NY based Doctor of Physical Therapy. (Check out Doug & his team at Score Physical Therapy & Wellness). There are long term benefits to regular visits to a physical therapist whether you are recovering from an injury or completely healthy. As movement experts, they can help treat current ailments and provide recommendations to optimize your body. To find a local, certified PT near you, check out the American Physical Therapy Association’s website for local recommendations.


#4 Herschel Duffle Bag


We are obsessed with the Sutton Duffle for gym use and weekend getaways. Described as a “mid-volume” bag, it’s the perfect size for your daily trips to the gym. We love the long carrying handles and like the optionality with the removable shoulder straps. At $70, it’s very well priced too!


#3: Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager


In a highly competitive category of hand-held percussion massagers, the Ekrin B37 truly stands out. A simple, ergonomic design with a unique 15 degree angled handle allows you to access hard to reach places. This super quiet massager packs quite a punch with 4 attachments and a consistent 8 hour battery life.  This is a great addition to any post work-out routine…your body will thank you!


#2 Vuori Clothing


For many people, active wear is the everyday “uniform”.  Vuori (VEE-ori) makes some of the most comfortable and stylish performance apparel on the market. Just as important is their commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainability.  Vuori stores are popping up throughout the country, but your best bet is to order online or at a local specialty store carrying the line.


#1: Therapist Preferred 1000mg CBD Sports Cream (& other CBD Products)


We love all our premium, THC-Free CBD products equally and know that you will too, BUT we must admit that this year one product stands above the others as the holiday “must have”. Our recently released 1000mg Cool Menthol CBD Sports Cream has been our fastest selling product, selling out our initially inventory in just one month. We are fully stocked and ready for the holidays so don’t delay in ordering a bottle (or 3) today. Complement your sports cream purchase with our soft-gels, gummies, tincture (or dog treats). Our bundles are another great way to stock up and save! If you have questions about the right product for you or the active person on your list- send us an email ( or call us (914-809-0193); we are always happy to help.


We hope that this list of gift ideas helps you with your holiday shopping for the active people in your life! From all of us at Therapist Preferred, happy shopping & we wish you a healthy and safe holiday season.