By Brett Ehrlich | November 26, 2019

How to Choose CBD A Brand You Can Trust?

As Cannabinoid (CBD) continues to become more popular and more mainstream,
one of the most frequent questions from consumers is about trust and
accountability. We get regular calls and emails asking: “How Can I Choose a CBD Brand to Trust?”

Honestly, before doing my extensive research and product testing to join the CBD
industry as a brand builder and CBD advocate, I didn’t fully realize how confusing
the information continues to be for consumers.


To help determine the right brand for you, here are a few key considerations that
you should be thinking about to feel comfortable with your purchase decision.


Do the values of the brand you are considering match your own?
Now I’m not suggesting that you need to fill out an on-line dating survey to get
matched with the “perfect” CBD brand for you, but part of the trust factor is
knowing who is ultimately standing behind the product.


One reason I love the CBD industry so much is that seemingly every brand has an
interesting and meaningful origin story- and we’ve met so many amazing people
who are truly in it for the “right” reasons; to help improve people’s lives. They all
actively use the products themselves too. Even though they are our competitors,
we still root for their success as we want the “good guys” to survive so we can
collectively drive the bad seeds out.


At Therapist Preferred, we proudly feature “our story” on our website as we want
our customers to get to know us, what we believe in from a health & wellness
standpoint and why we decided to start our company. This makes us accountable

every single day and keeps us focused on consistently providing the most bio-
available, effective premium products that we use daily as well.


If a brand you are considering doesn’t convey authenticity and accountability, it’s
best to move along. There are plenty of reputable options in the marketplace and
social media can help you identify the brand(s) that resonate most to you.


Gas Stations Are For Gas and Snacks….Period!


When is the last time you stopped by the gas station to pick up fresh food for an
important occasion? You don’t need to answer that question, I will assume the
answer is never.


Yet it’s amazing how many people get tempted at gas and convenience stores to
buy CBD products just because the product was positioned close to the counter
and the price is cheap. Of course it’s cheap- many of these products are mass
produced with ingredients from parts unknown with just a hemp leaf on the
bottle to lure people in.


Where and how you buy your CBD matters. When I drive around my community
in Westchester, NY, I cringe when I see giant window signs or flags outside of
stores (usually in a strip mall on a busy road) that say “CBD Sold Here”. CBD
should not be an impulse buy; it should be something that you research to make
sure that you are taking the right products for your health and wellness goals,
with the highest quality ingredients and the most effective delivery methods
(capsules, tinctures, topicals, gummies, etc).


Therapist Preferred products are currently available in the New York area in select
specialty pharmacies and retail locations, physical therapy clinics as well as
nationally through our online store with free delivery for all orders.


Does the Brand Provide Independent Lab Results?


As a consumer, it is absolutely essential that you have access to independent lab
results for any CBD products you are considering. Understanding exactly what’s
contained in the Certificate of Analysis isn’t always easy, but there are a few
elements that are vital:


 Is the lab accredited by the International Organization for Standardization
(ISO)? This accreditation ensures that the lab meets the standards as set by
a industry leading governing body. The lab report and/or a quick search of
the ISO website should tell you if the lab is accredited.


 Do the ingredients match the labels and the marketing? The lab reports can
tell you what’s in the product but just as importantly it can tell you what’s
NOT in it. If a brand is positioning themselves as having ingredients that are
free of contaminants, metal and/or THC, the lab report will be able to prove
it. Check to make sure that the product is both conforming and compliant
on all of those factors. You also want to ensure that the amount of CBD
certified in the report matches what the product is supposed to have.


 Are all products tested or just a “random” sampling? Let’s be honest, lab
testing costs money and some manufacturers would prefer not to spend
the money to test every batch of product so they just post general results
for certain products. At Therapist Preferred, we believe that every product
with our name on it needs to be verified so every batch is tested separately.


 Where can you find the lab results? Some companies bury the lab results
section on their website so they can say they make it available but they
don’t really want you to see it. The leading & most trustworthy companies
will prominently feature their Lab Results on the website as well as on their

packaging. All Therapist Preferred products have a QR code on our labels
bringing you directly to where you can put in the batch #
found on all products to access the complete report.


Now, hopefully you will feel a lot more confident when you want to choose a CBD
brand to trust. In the spirit of trust and authenticity- feel free to email me
at anytime with questions you may have about CBD
in general or Therapist Preferred.


About the Author


Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-
founder of Therapist Preferred. To support his super active lifestyle including
golf, tennis, basketball, Peloton, running and squash, Brett takes a daily Everyday Wellness CBD
Softgel and applies the CBD Sports Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his arms and legs.


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