By Brett Ehrlich | December 10, 2019

Therapist Preferred’s 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide

Now that you’ve survived “Black Friday” and are finished getting inundated with “Cyber Monday” offers, it’s time to take stock of the gifts that you still need to secure on your list between now and whatever December holiday(s) you celebrate.


There are up to 6 less shopping days than normal based on the late Thanksgiving, so let’s not waste any time identifying some options for various hard to please people on your list with this holiday shopping guide.


For the Golf Obsessed: Vice Golf


Golfers love to be trendsetters using the newest equipment to add distance, accuracy (or neither) to their game.  Vice Golf has come on strong over the last couple of years with their edgy marketing persona, bright colored balls, and recognizable script font but more importantly with their high quality, premium golf balls at a very affordable price.  They have a great online tool to help select the best balls based on swing speed, handicap, and goals or you can order the “selected pack” so your golfer can try them all out. They also have some cool apparel and golf accessories that are sure to draw attention.


For the Neat Freak: iRobot Roomba


YouTube is filled with adorable & funny videos of pets either petrified of or obsessed with Roombas, like this one: Beyond the entertainment value, they flat out work wonders on all surfaces.  With increased “robot vacuum” competition, the prices have come down a long way in recent years for this industry-leading brand so now is a great time to buy one.


For the Lip Balm Aficionado: Mind Flight Natural Skin Care

This new company formulates and handcrafts small batch, natural body, and skincare products. Most importantly, all of their products are free of parabens, gluten, dairy, preservatives and chemicals and come in awesome aromatic flavors.  I already bought this useful “Bag of Balms” to use as stocking stuffers for the lip balm obsessed on my list.


For those with Achy Feet: Belmint Heated Shiatsu Foot Massager


I enjoy an occasional foot massage but don’t love a stranger messing with my feet.  Problem solved- this sleek looking electric foot massager from Belmint targets pressure points with an air compression system that is 20% better than the competition.  As the cold temps arrive in much of the country, the warming option is like hot chocolate for your feet- adding warmth and increasing blood circulation to relax your muscles.


For Those Who Need a Sock Game Makeover: Neon Bandits



Neon Bandits are versatile socks that blend performance with style. Their socks are meant to be worn while working out or hanging out. Additionally, Neon Bandits are knit-in, meaning that the colors will not fade with multiple washes and the socks structure will not change with multiple wears.  Keep your eyes on the @ThrpstPreferred social feed in 2020- we NEED some custom TP logo socks ASAP.


For the Bourbon Lover: Williams Sonoma Round Ice Cube Molds


I received these ice molds a couple of years ago as a gift and I’m obsessed with them.  Keeps the bourbon at the perfect temperature to sip and stays solid for the usual re-fill. The only problem is that when I use them with guests, they enjoy the bourbon so much, I keep running through bottles. Speaking of bourbon- check out this “Bourbon” made with hemp seed from the Sono 1420 Distillery in CT: (They ship to over half the country).


For the World Traveler: Globe Trekkers Mini Cork Globe


People who travel generally love to talk about all of their amazing travel and tell you how many places they’ve visited.  This tabletop, mini cork globe will become an instant conversation piece in any room that allows them to easily track their globetrotting through colored pins.  Give them this gift and you won’t have to sit through another long photo slide show!


For the Fitness Focused: Therapist Preferred CBD


As a company founded by two athletes who start most conversations talking about their most recent Peloton outputs, we take pride in carrying premium CBD products for those who lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  When looking for gifts, I definitely recommend our CBD Cream for application to the areas that may need it PLUS one of the daily wellness products: Softgel CapsulesTincture or Gummies, depending on what you think they would prefer to take.


Hopefully, this holiday shopping guide gives you some fresh ideas to complete your holiday shopping.


No need to stress- the holidays are the time to spend quality time with friends and family, get some much-needed rest and re-charge for the new year.  If they don’t appreciate your gifts, well, there’s always next year and a new holiday shopping guide.


About the Author


Brett Ehrlich is a sports marketing executive turned CBD entrepreneur as the co-founder of Therapist Preferred.  To support his super active lifestyle including golf, tennis, basketball, Peloton, running, and squash, Brett takes a daily CBD Softgel and applies the CBD Cream topical 2-3 times a day to his arms & legs.