By Therapist Preferred | February 25, 2021

Traveling With CBD

If you are new to the CBD world or a longtime user, when planning and going on a trip its normal to wonder whether you should take your CBD oil/gummies/creams with you when traveling.


Are these products legal? Can I pass TSA agents with CBD? Is it helpful to use CBD while you travel?


You have completely psyched yourself out and are now googling the most random questions.


First of all, calm down!


Here is what you need to know about traveling with CBD.


Traveling and CBD Mix Well


Yes, it will be helpful to travel with CBD. There is a long list of advantages of CBD and they are actually associated with travel in many aspects.




·       It Helps You Sleep Better


We’ve all travelled to some place, possibly been jet lagged, missed our comfy bed and then stayed awake all night.


study evaluated whether CBD helps you sleep better or not. The subjects were given CBD capsules every day for a month. Approximately 66.7% reported sleeping better. People also experienced reduced levels of anxiety as well which might have been keeping them up in the first place.


Another study looked at how CBD may be affecting the sleep cycle. It was observed that CBD seems to improve symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder. This disorder is associated with poor sleep and nightmares.


If you are a light- and/or anxious-sleeper who is travelling a lot, CBD might be your best bet. Many CBD products designed for sleep also contain Melatonin to promote a more restful sleep, like Therapist Preferred’s Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep.


·       Helps with Flight Anxiety


Data suggests that nearly 60 percent of people experience flight anxiety whenever they travel while up to 5 percent have a crippling anxiety which is actually classified as a phobia. If you are in that category, CBD may just be your new travel buddy.


CBD possesses anti-anxiety properties. In a study it was seen that people who took 400 mg of CBD orally had reduced levels of anxiety.


Not only social anxiety but CBD is even known to help people with post-traumatic stress disorder. So, if you are having flight anxiety CBD gummies or CBD oil taken orally before a flight might help.


·       CBD Can Help with Troubled Posture and Fatigue


What if you are not taking a flight but are planning a golf trip with your buddies, cycling through the mountains or travelling in a car for long hours? Will CBD help?


Oh yes it will.


CBD can help with pain associated with bad posture, inflammation due to strain and overall discomfort. A 2018 research review showed that CBD helped relieve pain and has anti-inflammatory properties.


If you are looking for a travel friendly, topical CBD cream, Therapist Preferred’s highly concentrated, unscented CBD Sports Cream comes in sleek, 1oz size that can fit in your carry-on luggage or your pocket.


Is It Legal to Travel With CBD?


Now that we know that you should take your CBD product with you, let us take a look at the legal issues.


First, CBD is legal under US Federal law. Second, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does allow you to travel with CBD. You just have to be sure that the product you are carrying is THC-free. THC is the one that gets you high, and CBD is its calm cousin.


(See this post from the TSA to learn more:


Make sure that the product you are carrying is THC-free, declare anything you are carrying truthfully and do not be scared. It is most likely that a TSA agent will stop you because you are nervous and not because you are travelling with CBD.


Still confused? Well, CBD products from Therapist Preferred are all THC-free. Our products are clearly marked THC-free and independently tested to ensure it as well.


Remember, while CBD is legal according to US federal law, some states have not updated their laws according to new science. So, CBD is not legal under some states law. Before travelling to any state, do check if they allow CBD or not. It is just that simple.


The emerging evidence of CBD benefits may further persuade the states to relax their punitive measures on the manufacturers, sale, and the potential use. So, you hopefully you won’t have to do that check in the future.


Now get going and Happy Travels!


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