By Therapist Preferred | May 26, 2021

Using CBD for Sports Recovery

Cannabidiol or CBD is popular right now for being an effective natural solution to what many athletes call the “sports burn”. If you are an athlete or active person and are looking for something to try that is natural, effective, and without any serious side effects, CBD is the answer.


CBD is an extract from the hemp plant that is separate from THC. “THC” is what gets you high. CBD is what is good about cannabis and associated with therapeutic and healthy properties.


If you play competitive sports, or have frequent high intensity work outs, then you should at least give CBD a try.




Because science says so, but if you like to do your own research, below is some useful information to help you decide.


How CBD Helps Athletes


The latest 2020 review of studies that probed whether CBD is beneficial for post workout and sports related injury and lethargy, showed that CBD has a role to play in reducing swelling and pain. These properties may provide some post-workout relief.


It was noted that CBD is linked to:


✔ protection against gastrointestinal damage after swelling


✔ promotion of recovery


✔ relieving anxiety and stress that may boost confidence


However, it is important to note that most of the CBD studies have been done on animals and not a lot of evidence on human body benefits is available. Nonetheless, the animal-based research does suggest that the CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Others suggest that CBD can help with pain that is chronic in nature but not related to cancer.


CBD is also safer than marijuana on the whole. In a mouse study, it was demonstrated that CBD does not impair short-term memory while frequent THC use has been shown to do so.


Even a report from World Health Organization showed that CBD does not have potential for misuse and dependence, a quality typically associated with use of THC, marijuana, and opioids. Some experts have even suggested that CBD can be used to treat people who may be already addicted to opioids.


Since all these benefits have been highlighted, there is plenty of ongoing research on the use of CBD in different types of discomfort, pain and diseases right now as well.


What CBD Products Should You Take For Sports Recovery?


If you want to try CBD for sports recovery, the best way to start would be by choosing the right product(s). We would initially suggest Therapist Preferred Sports Recovery Bundle. It has the perfect combination of topical and oral CBD products that can help those aching backs, legs, shoulders and arms.


However, if you want to start with one product, we recommend the CBD Sports Cream, our most popular topical product. All products are broad-spectrum and independently tested to authenticate all ingredients. These are the things you should always have in mind while selecting a CBD product. It is very important to know how manufacturer is making the products and what safety guidelines they are following.


Start Small


Starting small is always a good idea. You never want to end up at the deep end of any situation. Same goes for CBD. You have to find your sweet spot. CBD products that can help you include:


👉 CBD oil tinctures & capsules


👉 CBD gummies


👉 CBD topicals


It is easy to take care of dosing with topicals like creams by applying a small amount to the areas in need. CBD topicals have even been shown to be good for scarring in addition to aiding pain and soreness. Just don’t apply them directly on broken skin.


However, with oral dosing you must be careful to start with the recommended dosage and only increase it if required, and if you don’t experience any side effects such as fatigue and drowsiness, or changes in appetite and weight. Increase the doses in small portions as well. We will also advise you to not start taking CBD for the first time right before a workout so you can learn how your body responds.


What if You Are Drug Tested Before a Sporting Event?


Will CBD show on a drug test?


Short answer: No


Long answer: CBD will not show up on a drug test, however, you have to be careful about the product that you choose to use. CBD comes in three types, one which actually comes with THC. You do not want THC on a drug panel result.


If you want to try CBD products but want to test negative for THC, you should always use broad-spectrum CBD or an isolate. This by definition does not contain any THC.


But still worried? You should check in with the federation or league rules of the sport that you play before using any CBD product. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its official prohibited substances list and many other governing bodies and leagues have done the same.


If your active life is filled with numerous workouts, matches, games and competitions, it might be the time to try CBD to enhance your sports recovery and maximize your performance.


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