By Therapist Preferred | February 16, 2021

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are everywhere and that’s a good thing for you. These little bundles of joy are the new craze among celebrities and your friends alike, and you are wondering “What are CBD Gummies?”, aren’t you?


CBD is simply cannabidiol that comes from the hemp plant. No, they will not get you high as they do not contain the key chemical in the cannabis plant that gives you that feeling of euphoria. If you choose a broad-spectrum or isolate CBD, it does not have THC.


THC is the one you want to avoid.


Broad spectrum CBD gummies simply contain CBD oil without THC. They come in a wide variety of flavors, are easy on the stomach, and popular with both first-time users and people who take them on daily basis.


However, CBD gummies are not FDA approved for any disease or its prevention. Because they are not regulated, you have to be extra careful about the origin and strength of the CBD gummies you are trying. It is important to always buy CBD from a reputable company that gets their products independently tested and posts the lab results on their website.


Why Try CBD Gummies?


CBD gummies can provide a range of benefits and there are studies that support the use of them.


Here are few reasons why you should try CBD gummies:


  • Help With Pain and Inflammation


CBD possesses pain-relieving properties. The human body has a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is involved in the regulation of sleep, appetite, pain, and immune system.


Studies show that CBD can manipulate the endocannabinoid receptors which may end up reducing pain, inflammation, and interaction with other neurotransmitters.


  • May Lift Up Your Mood and Reduce Anxiety


Other evidence suggests that CBD may be used to help with mood swings and anxiety. Pharmaceutical drugs used for these purposes have been linked with addiction.


One study showed that men who took CBD 90 minutes before public speaking had reduced levels of anxiety. The group given the placebo had no effect on reducing anxiety levels whatsoever.


  • They Can Help With Sleep


Taking CBD as a natural supplement before bed may help you sleep better.  Researchers indicate that CBD use before bed helps with the root causes of insomnia and is most effective over time.


When taking a CBD Gummy for sleep, start with a low dose of 10-20mg of CBD and then gradually add as needed.


  • CBD Gummies Are Discreet


There are still a lot of unknowns attached with the use of CBD and many do not understand how they work. In office, social and other settings where you need to be discreet, you can easily consume CBD gummies. The gummies are also good to carry while travelling.


  • Gummies Last Longer


If you want to chill for a longer duration, using CBD gummies might be the good way to go because your stomach needs time to break them down, absorb and then let them kick in.


With CBD gummies (and other edibles) the effect can last up to 4 hours or more while other delivery methods, like vaping, may only last for 2-3 hours. If you want long term coverage with minimal of doses, gummies are the way to go.


Gummies are easy to use as you do not have to worry how much you are taking. Usually the manufacturer includes the quantity of CBD in every gummy; making them easier on the tummy and the brain.


  • They Are Yummy and Colorful


Who wants boring ways of taking supplements? In fact, many people are unable to swallow pills or don’t enjoy the process of putting a dropper of tincture directly under the tongue. CBD gummies are for the fun-loving. They come in wide variety of flavors and now you can choose your favorites among many other options.


Looking for the Best CBD Gummies? Try Therapist Preferred’s CBD Gummies from Therapist Preferred. They come in two delicious flavors: Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade. Even better- they are vegan, gluten free, kosher, Made in the US from natural ingredients and THC Free!


There are many other potential benefits associated with CBD gummies too including help with subsidizing cancer symptomsacne, childhood epilepsyhypertensionheart healthaddiction, and prediabetes.


Are CBD Gummies Legal?


Federal laws dictate that any CBD product that has a THC level below 0.3 percent is legal. Some states have different standards so you should check in with your state.


This is why you should always know how to read labels of the gummies to be on the side of safety. Here are some terms that you should look out for:


  • CBD isolate: This is the purest form of CBD. This means that the product contains 100 percent CBD and nothing else.


  • Broad-Spectrum CBD: CBD gummies with this label mean that they have most cannabinoids, but not the THC. This means you will not get high and the gummies are likely to be easier on your stomach.


  • Full-Spectrum CBD: Full spectrum is what the name indicates; it contains all of the cannabinoids in the weed plant including the THC. If you take these gummies, you may test positive on a drug test for THC.


Hopefully you’ve now learned the basics to the question: “What are CBD Gummies?”.  There are a lot of options on the market so do your research to find the trusted CBD gummies that work for you.


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