The Therapist Preferred Story

Doug (L) & Brett (R)


The story of Therapist Preferred is about a partnership of like-minded, active, wellness focused individuals joining forces to bring premium, trusted CBD products to a larger audience.

Doug Geller, a Rye, NY based Physical Therapist, had been treating Brett Ehrlich, a sports-marketing executive, weekend warrior (and now the owner of CycleBar Stamford), for various sports related ailments for years. Following shoulder and elbow surgeries in the Fall of 2018, Doug recommended that Brett try a CBD based cream to enhance his recovery.

The results were very positive which was no surprise to Doug who had been researching CBD for use in his clinic as well as personally. As a dedicated manual therapist, he was met at the end of each long workday with aching hands and arms. He began to apply CBD cream consistently and experienced significant relief which facilitated a better night’s sleep and a more comfortable start to his workday.


While continuing to discuss their mutual appreciation for CBD during weekly PT sessions, they began to test different CBD products and found that while there were many available on the market, not all are created equally. They agreed that there was an overall lack of transparency and accountability in the still developing CBD market. As entrepreneurs, they saw this as an opportunity, and thus Therapist Preferred was born.


Through their research, Doug and Brett noted that it was necessary to create the most bioavailable, effective products with the purest form of CBD oil. This type of formulation actually translates to a lower dose per milligram compared to other products, as others require higher amounts of CBD oil due to the addition of other ingredients which lower its effectiveness.


Unlike many companies, you will notice that Therapist Preferred has a limited number of products. That is intentional. We know that there are a lot of decisions to make regarding brands, methods of taking CBD, the quantity of CBD, THC-Free vs THC, etc. so we want to make the decision making process as clear as possible. We also only carry products that we use in our own lives so you can trust that we are bringing you the highest quality ingredients developed through industry leading technology.


Our CBD Sports Creams have been our most popular products since we launched. Our customers notice and appreciate the non-grainy, no residue formula with a soothing aroma that fades away quickly. The organic ingredients combined with the attention to detail highlight the quality of Therapist Preferred products, placing them in a class of their own.


Additionally, our USDA Certified Organic Tincture, Everyday Wellness Soft Gels, Soft Gels with Melatonin for Sleep and delicious Gummies offer other CBD product options depending on your preferred delivery method and goals. Our Dog Treats are a great complementary item for those who want their furry companions to experience the same benefits from CBD.


If you have questions about the right products for you and/or dosages, you can review our blog post: “How Much CBD Should I Take?”.


We thank you for your interest in Therapist Preferred and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.


We know you may have questions about CBD and/or what products are best for you so don’t hesitate to contact us at and follow us on social media @ThrpstPreferred. You can also read more about how we started here.


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