Doug Geller, a Physical Therapist who has a passion for health and wellness, and Brett Ehrlich, a sports-marketing executive, came together to launch Therapist Preferred in 2019 after learning of their experiences with the use of CBD products.

While Brett was receiving rehabilitation services from Doug following shoulder and elbow surgeries in the Fall of 2018, Doug recommended that he try a CBD based cream. As a sports enthusiast and weekend warrior who enjoys sports of all kinds, Brett had some previous exposure to and knowledge of CBD products however did not utilize any regularly. After having the opportunity to use CBD cream while at Doug’s clinic, he was pleasantly surprised by the degree to which his soreness levels decreased and how much recovery was expedited.

Doug’s experience using CBD cream can be especially appreciated by those who work in industries that require physical exertion. As a dedicated manual therapist, he was met at the end of each long workday with aching hands and arms. He began to apply CBD cream consistently and experienced significant relief which facilitated a better night’s sleep and a more comfortable start to his workday.

Doug and Brett realized the great benefits that they experienced from using a CBD product was just one of many that people could enjoy. They began to test different CBD products and found that while there were many available on the market, not all are created equally…and so led to the emergence of the Therapist Preferred brand.

Through their research, Doug and Brett noted that it was necessary to create the most bioavailable, effective product with the purest form of CBD oil. This type of formulation actually translates to a lower dose per milligram compared to other products, as others require higher amounts of CBD oil due to the addition of other ingredients which lower its effectiveness.

Topical application is one of the most popular CBD delivery systems. Therapist Preferred’s CBD Cream customers notice and appreciate the non-grainy, no residue formula with a soothing aroma that fades away quickly. The organic ingredients combined with the attention to detail highlight the quality of Therapist Preferred products, placing them in a class of their own.  We also recently added an unscented, highly concentrated travel sized cream, perfect for “on the go”.

Additionally, our Tincture, Softgels, Softgels with Melatonin and Gummies offer other CBD product options depending on your preferred delivery method and goals. Our Dog Treats are a great complementary item for those who want their furry companions to experience the same benefits from CBD.

If you have questions about the right products for you and/or dosages, you can review our blog post: “How Much CBD Should I Take?”.

Doug and Brett thank you for your interest in Therapist Preferred and hope you enjoy their products as much as they do. We know you may have questions about CBD and/or what products are best for you so don’t hesitate to contact us at and follow us on social media @ThrpstPreferred.

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Brett (L) & Doug (R)

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