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CBD for Pickleball

Are you part of the Pickleball craze taking over the country? There is one thing we’ve learned about pickleball players- they LOVE to play. A LOT.  For those who can’t get enough of pickleball and want to improve performance and recovery, CBD may be for you. On this page, we’ve compiled some valuable information and recommendations regarding CBD for Pickleball players.


If you are an avid or even casual pickleball player,  you’ve no doubt experienced aches, pains and soreness that have impacted your ability to play as much as you would like. In addition, the game can be mentally challenging as well.


More and more Pickleballers are using CBD products for both the physical and mental aspects of the game in addition to the other activities they participate in.  Taking oral CBD products like tinctures, soft-gels or gummies before you play can help maintain focus throughout your day.  These products can help you create a daily routine that will give your body a recovery boost.


CBD topicals can provide fast acting muscle relief before and after you play.  Rubbing a small amount of CBD sports cream on sore areas multiple times a day can help combat soreness, joint pain and the standard aches associated with a sport like pickleball. Stretching, staying hydrated and using CBD creams can help you recover quicker so you can back to playing and the other activities that are a part of your active lifestyle. You may want to grab a travel sized cream for your bag.


At Therapist Preferred, we are pickleballers too so we know how important it is to maintain peak mental and physical condition when you play.  If you have specific questions about “How CBD Can Help Pickleballers?” or if you need help picking out the right products, send us an email: hello@therapistpreferred.com.


See you on the courts soon!





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