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CBD for Runners

Runners of all levels and distances are often looking for ways to maximize  performance and recovery.  CBD is a very popular natural option for both performance and recovery. On this page, we’ve compiled some valuable information and recommendations regarding CBD for Runners.


If you are a runner, you’ve no doubt experienced physical injuries that have challenged your ability to run as much as you would like. In addition, the time spent running, stretching and recovering can be taxing mentally as well.


More and more runners are using CBD products for both the physical and mental aspects of running.  No matter how often or how far you run, taking oral CBD products like tinctures, soft-gels or gummies before you workout can help maintain focus throughout your training.  These products can help you form a daily routine that will give your body a recovery boost.


CBD topicals can provide fast acting muscle relief before and after your workouts.  Rubbing a small amount of CBD sports cream on sore areas multiple times a day can help combat soreness, joint pain and the standard aches associated with running. Using CBD products in addition to stretching and staying hydrated can help you recover quicker so you can back to running or other activities that comprise your active lifestyle.


At Therapist Preferred, we are runners too so we know how important it is to maintain peak mental and physical condition when you train and/or race.  If you have specific questions about “How CBD Can Help Runners?” or if you need help picking out the right products, send us an email:


We will be sponsoring a number of races for the rest of 2021, including the Hamptons Marathon so we will hopefully see you on the roads, trails and tracks soon!


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