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CBD for Tennis Players

Tennis players are always looking for an edge whether it’s a drop shot, slicing backhand or a wicked second serve.  Over the last couple of years, the use of CBD by casual, active and professional tennis players has provided an additional edge. On this page, we’ve compiled some valuable information and recommendations regarding CBD for Tennis Players.


If you play tennis regularly, you’ve likely dealt with injuries and soreness that can  impact your ability to play as much as you would like. Tennis is very much a mental game as well so it’s equally important to focus on the mind as well as the body.


Taking oral CBD products like tinctures, soft-gels or gummies before you play tennis can help maintain focus throughout your day and give you an advantage on the court.  These products should be part of your daily routine to give your body a recovery boost.


CBD topicals can provide fast acting muscle relief before and after you play.  Rubbing a small amount of CBD sports cream on sore areas (quite often the elbow and calves for tennis players) multiple times a day can help combat soreness, joint pain and the standard aches associated with tennis. It is critical to drink plenty of fluids and stretch before and after playing to maximize recovery.  The use of CBD creams can play an important part of your recovery as well. You may want to grab a travel sized cream for your tennis bag.


At Therapist Preferred, we are tennis players too so we know how important it is to maintain peak mental and physical condition when you play.  If you have specific questions about “How CBD Can Help Tennis Players?” or if you need help picking out the right products, send us an email:



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